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  • Florian Peter

    Club president

    Peter, Florian

  • Stefan Woschitz

    Club 1st vice president

    Woschitz, Stefan

  • Gerald Reitetschläger

    Club secretary

    Reitetschläger, Gerald

  • Fabian Kneidinger

    Club treasurer

    Kneidinger, Fabian

  • Tanja Weilguny

    Club Lion Tamer

    Weilguny, Tanja

Officers of the executive board (special functions)

  • Lisa Frank

    Club Activity Delegate

    Frank, Lisa

  • Gabriel Hofmayr

    Club LionsBase Master

    Hofmayr, Gabriel

  • Mikalai Vilkouski

    Club PR/social networks

    Vilkouski, Mikalai


  • Magdalena Möslinger-Gehmayr

    Club revisor

    Möslinger-Gehmayr, Magdalena

  • Florian Trefflinger

    Club revisor

    Trefflinger, Florian